FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does exist another software to create tags with keywords automatically?

We are not aware of any other software or module that currently does such a thing. We are the only owner of this feauture. And not only. The entire algorithm behind ultraseopro is much different by any other seo solution actually present on the market.

Will I have seo effects by creating automatically the tags or it's just a nice feature like adornment for my site?

Not only the tags are a very nice feature for your site. They improve the navigation for your customer and is a very good feature that a prestashop users generally don't take in cosideration for the fact that is very annoying (and time spending) to fill manually. But we have evidence that the ultraseopro automatic tag generation will improve the SEO impact of your site further.

Does ultraseopro will fill the keyword field of the product? And how?

Yes, ultraseopro also fill automatically every product on your store.

I read that if I put an order right now I will get a google voucher of almost the value of the price of your software. Where's the catch?

There's no catch. We offer the google promotion for free for our customer that require it. You pay for the software, not for the coupon. Actually is a very good offer, but it's real, thanks to our partnership with google.

I'm sure that my Mysql server doesn't allow any software to connect to it directly. I say this because I used the official mysql software and I can't connect. Can I use the Ultraseopro anyway?

Yes, you can. We created a tunnel connection option in order for you to achieve the optimization. Is easy as to put a file into your prestashop ftp directory. You can try our demo in order to see how easy is it.

I have a firewalled mysql server. Can I use Ultraseopro?

Yes, read answer above.

The data of my product are strongly HTML encoded. I doubt that will be interpreted correctly to extract keywords

Ultraseopro has a very strong html extractor. Your keywords will always be clear and semantically appopriate for your store. Not only this software will optimize all your products, in the best way possible, but it also will optimize all your shop, entirely.

I brought this software but I cannot find the download link. Where it is?

The download link is in the detail page of your order. You will find a chain icon, that is the download link.

Can I have support once I brought the software?

update are always avaiable for all the customers. Just click on the check for update button on your software and software will be updated

I am not a seo expert. Can I use this software the same?

Of course. This software has been designed in order to guarantee the best seo exposure for anyone, from SEO expert to newbie.

It is said "one click optimization". It seems to me impossible to optimize my entire shop only with one click.

Instead it's possible. We have made all our efforts in order to make the best seo solution for your entire shop optimization.